Park Guide


Aichi Prefecture Forest Park is located in the vast forest of about 468 hectares that spread to Owariasahi City and Nagoya City Moriyama-ku in Owari Hills, with general park, botanical garden, sports facilities (tennis courts, ball and archery fields, horse riding facilities, and sports squares), and golf facilities. This area had become the terrible bald hills by deforesting for porcelain production introduced in the late Edo period though it was protected as “Ebi-zuru (Shrimp vine) forest” by the Owari-Tokugawa family in the early Edo period. Aichi Prefecture Forest Park was opened as the first “forest park” in Japan in 1934 with revegetation by the forestry project of Aichi Prefecture. Aichi Prefecture Forest Park is a comprehensive recreational one where more than one million people visit to enjoy throughout the year. The precious plants, including marsh plants, and animals of Tokai hilly land elements are preserved in the forest that various plants and animals live and the ponds water birds gather.